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The Brief Guide to Blogging with 50 Niche topics

Do you want to earn some extra income by working from home ? Are you a mum of young kids who feels like spending more time with kids? Are you a retired person? Are you a uni student?  Do you want to be your own boss?
If answers to any of the above questions is yes, then keep on reading. Find out how  “Blogging online” and a “Blog” can help.

The topics covered in this article are:

  1. Definition of a blog
  2. Is blogging really for you?
  3. Advantages of running a blog
  4. Different methods of earning money from your blog
  5. 50 topics for choosing the niche for your blog
  6. Various options to set up a blog
  7. Tasks involved in running a blog


Definition of a blog

A blog is a website where you can find posts or articles related to a particular niche.

Is blogging really for you?

Answer the following 5 questions to know whether you should start blogging or not.

  1. Are you extremely passionate about “something”?
  2. Do you have expert knowledge of that “something”?
  3. Have you got lots of opinions and new ideas about that “something” ?
  4. Do you love to write frequently?
  5. Would you love to share information of that “something” globally with others?

“something” is called a “niche” for example one of my niche is Teaching web design and development.

Have you answered all the questions yes? Then you should definitely start a blog without any delay.

6 Advantages of running a blog

  1. You can share your thoughts on your niche with others.
  2. You can get feedback from your audience including new ideas or opinions or how the information provided by you helped them.
  3. Slowly your knowledge base in your niche will start multiplying.
  4. Can get shares on social platforms that may make you a popular blogger and thus create your online identity.
  5. As your writing skills and knowledge will advance and you will have a group of people who love to read your posts, you can become an author and publish ebooks or physical books.
  6. Generate income by implementing various monetizing a blog techniques

Different methods of earning money from your blog

  1. Joining  CPC/PPC Ads networks. Examples- Google Adsense,, infolinks, Adbuff, etc.
  2. By becoming affiliate programs. Examples of affiliate networks- Clickbank, Amazon Associates, ebay, Rakuten, etc.
  3. Selling ad space on your blog- Just create a page in your website saying “Advertise here” and create call to action to contact you.
  4. Writing sponsored posts for advertisers. Examples- SITs Girls, Weave media, Mom Central, etc.
  5. Selling digital products on your blog. Examples are e-books, e-courses, printables, etc.
  6. Selling physical products on your blog. Examples – gift baskets, handmade items, etc.
  7. Selling services on your blog. Examples – coaching services, virtual assistant services, freelance writing services, etc.
  8. By putting a Paypal “Donate” button on your site.

50 topics for choosing the niche for your blog


Topic Examples of niche
1. Academics Mathematics tutorials, Science Tutorials, English Tutorials, Technology tutorials, Educational pathways etc.
2. Art and craft Knitting, Scrap booking, Painting, Sewing, Sketching,etc.
3. Beauty Home remedies for beauty, make up tips and tutorials, Various occasions and beauty tips,etc.
4. Blogging  All about blogging platforms, Monetising from a blog and costs involved, Interviews with famous bloggers, Blogging tutorials,etc.
5. Budgeting Household budgeting, Business budgeting, Budget meals, Budget traveling, etc.
6. Career guidance Guidance to IT graduates, Guidance to Medical graduates, Guidance to career changers, Guidance to immigrants, etc.
7. Cars All about cars, Buying guide for cars, Car performance, Car stunts, Selling cars, Car racing events, etc.
8. Cleaning Chemical free cleaning, Budget Cleaning, Cleaning aid,Cleaning checklists for houses and workplaces, Cleaning products,etc.
 9.  Cooking   Healthy recipes with nutritional information, Recipes for babies, Recipes for toddlers, Lunch box recipes, Budget cooking, Vegan recipes, Vegetarian recipes, All about baking, Cuisines, All about desserts, Quick recipes for students, etc.
 10. Dancing Tutorials on various dance forms, Cultural dances, Kids and dance, Dance as exercise, etc.
 11.   DIY projects   Landscaping, Assembling furniture or toys, Construction related projects, etc.
 12. Digital games  Fan club for minecraft players, Reviews on various digital games, Educational digital games, etc.
 13.  Eating out Places where to eat out, Speciality restaurants, Your eating out experiences, Eating out for health concious people, etc.
 14. Education   Private schools and public schools, Online courses related to your field, List of educational resources with ratings, Comparison of education providers at various levels, etc.
 15.   Exercises  Various forms of exercises, All about yoga, Exercises suitable for elderly, Exercises for people with various medical conditions, etc.
 16. Farming  Organic farming tips, Fruit farming- banana farming, apple farming, etc., Vegetable farming, Tissue culture, Selling produce, Wholesalers, etc.
 17.   Fashion Fashion tips, Fashion trends, Big on fashion small on budget, Fashion shows, Fashion brands, Women fashion, Kids fashion, Men fashion, etc.
 18. Games   Video games, Age appropriate games, Party game ideas, Board games, Indoor games, Outdoor games, All about legos, etc.
 19.   Gardening  Seasonal gardens, Garden maintenance, Gardening supplies and tools, Gardening for good health, Gardening with kids, etc.
 20.  Gym  Workouts for men, Workouts for women, Gym and nutrition, Body building, Supplements, etc.
 21. Healthy eating Healthy Recipes, Age and balanced diet,  Replacing unhealthy with healthy, Health conditions and food choice, etc.
 22. Holiday and Traveling Travel guides, Travel experiences, Holiday planners, Holiday ideas with young kids, Camping, Site seeing, Guide to overseas travel, etc.
 23. Housekeeping  Housekeeping help guide, Efficient ways of housekeeping, Housekeeping jobs, etc.
 24. Interior decoration Tips on interior decoration, All about choosing colors, DIY decoration stuff, Interior decoration services and costs, etc.
 25.  Internet  Internet packages, Internet marketing, Safe internet browsing, Kids and internet, Home devices and internet, etc.
 26.  Jewelry  Jewelry making, Occasions and relevant jewelry, Buying guide for jewelry, Celebrities and jewelry, Diamond jewelry, Gold jewelry, Gems and stones, etc.
 27.  Kids homework  Homework management,  Homework help options, Online and printable worksheets, etc.
 28.  Learning foreign languages  Resources, Complete guide to learn spanish, Complete guide to learn French, Language schools, Translation services in various fields, Teaching foreign languages to kids, etc.
 29.  Learning an Instrument  Complete guide to play piano, Complete guide to play guitar, Setting up and running an instrument training business, etc.
 30.  Life experiences  Share your life experiences like overcoming certain problems in life, living with disability, Community support systems, Travel experiences, Life and adventures, Business failures and success stories, etc.
 31.  Modeling  Modeling Advice, Modeling Industry Tips, How to create great portfolio, etc.
 32.  Motivational writer  Choose any audience group to which you feel more connected and think can motivate them by sharing your experiences. The audience groups can be Women in army/IT/any such area, People who survived disasters, Single parents with kids, Businesses and crisis, Startups, etc.
 33.  Music  Any particular music form, Becoming musician, Becoming music director, How music changed your life, etc.
 34.  Nail art  Nail art tutorials, Nail art trends, Nail art service providers, Nail art issues and resolutions, etc.
35.  Natural home remedies  Remedies for overall well being, Beauty home remedies, Home remedies taught to you by your family, etc.
 36.  Parenting Tips  Milestones achieved by kids at various ages, ssues faced by you and your kids and how you resolved those, pregnancy tips and expectations, home remedies you used for resolving kids minor health issues, teaching good behaviour to kids, recipes for kids, tantrums of kids and tips on handling those.
 37.  Photography  All about cameras, A to Z on photography, Photo editing software, Photo editing techniques, Photography as profession, etc.
 38.  Professional experiences  Guidance on professional pathways related to your profession, Dealing with professional issues, Get appraisals in your profession, Helpful resource bank, etc.
 39.  Reading  About authors, Your favourite books, Reading and kids, Reading resources with vision disability, Reading and technology, etc.
 40.  Relationship management  Relationship issues and improvement tips –  at work , with spouse, with in-laws, with parents, with siblings, with children, with society, etc
 41.  Renting   Reviews on regions like facilities and ratings, Rental property management, Tips on resolving issues between landlords and tenants, Renting houses vs apartments, etc.
 42.  Shopping  Bargain shopping, Online shopping, Shopping for occasions, Shopping from overseas, Shopping Center details, Shopping tips to tourist, etc.
 43.  Small business  Business ideas, Procedures and everything about setting up particular business, All about investors, Import and export advice, etc.
 44.  Socialising  Guide on particular city, All about socialising events in your region, Socialising etiquettes and traditions in your culture,etc.
 45.  Spiritual talk  Dealing with various problems in life, Meditation, Yoga, Excerpts from your religious books, etc.
 46.  Sports All about any of your favourite sports, Betting tips, Sports and kids, Reviews on sports academies, etc.
 47.  Technology  Latest trends in technology, Innovations, Technology and pros and cons, Tutorials on usage of technology, etc.
 48.  Traditions and cultures  All about the traditions and cultures you follow, Cultural festival calendars, Traditional dresses, Teaching good traditions to kids, Above and beyond cultures, etc.
 49.  Vegetable garden  Seasonal recommendations according to the region, Maintenance tips, Growing tips and supplies, Different types of vegetable gardens like organic, hydroponic , etc., Vegetable gardens while having pets, etc.
50.  Web design and development Technologies used, Development platforms, Web design trends, tutorials on programming, fronted, backend, technologies, graphic design, SEO, Ecommerce, Digital marketing tips, social platforms, Content management systems, Freelancing tips, Outsourcing and issues, Legal issues, Security issues, Content writing,  templates, Plugins, Themes,  All about hosting and domain names, Setting up web design and development business, etc.

Various options to set up a blog

Option 1: Use free blogging platforms. For example: Blogger from Google.

Option 2: Use free platforms with limited features or paid options on the same platforms with more features. For example: Wix, Weebly,Tumblr, WordPress.Com.

Option 3: Use open source blogging platforms like and Joomla.

Here you will have to purchase a domain and hosting plan and you should have some technical skills to setup a blog and features.

Option 4: Hire a professional to setup a blog for you.

Option 1 and Option 2 will offer you with the limited features.

Other issues with these options are: not easily scalable, you might not be allowed to advertise, might not have the domain of your choice and might not own the users of your blog.

Tasks involved in running a blog

  1. Discovering your niche for starting a blog.
  2. Choosing the right platform for your blog and setting up a blog.
  3. Setting up some email listing service to promote your blog articles or products.
  4.  Getting inspiration by reading blogs of famous bloggers.
  5. Choosing a nice and catchy title for your blog. Do some keyword research before deciding the title and topic of the post.
  6. Finding suitable media files like images, videos, info graphics, etc. to be included in your articles.
  7. Creating the audience and SEO friendly blog articles. These articles should be meaningful for audience and should aim to solve their problems and should be of good length say 2000-3000 words.
  8. Publishing your articles.
  9. Promoting your article by sharing it and requesting the readers for comments and feedback.
  10. Replying to the comments or any enquiries.
  11. Updating the article with new or latest information.


After reading this brief introduction to blogging, if you are interested in starting up one, you can try the free platforms.

In case you need help for starting up a blog, click here to avail our services for setting up a blog.

If you want to research more on blogging before you make up your mind, you can dive into numerous resourses present online giving in depth knowledge on each of the topics discussed above.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear YOUR best tips for starting a blog and the niche ideas.

Whether you’ve seen it done, or you’ve done it yourself, leave a comment now.

A huge THANKS for reading .

If you found this blog useful, please share it with your friends on LinkedIn and Facebook.


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